Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shoe update

When I started this blog, I did honestly intend to post more frequently than oh, every two weeks or so. Clearly, though, I've been slacking in the blog department. Before I jump into an update about why I haven't had time for blogging, I wanted to update everyone about the shoes. Apparently, everyone (What, not you? Well, everyone else but you, then.) was intrigued by the concept, but some folks were skeptical that I'd actually wear them with enough regularity to make them worth the investment. Trust me, I hear you all on that.

Now, given my shoe addiction, I have purchased many, many pairs of shoes in my life. I would say that the average amount I spend on a single pair of shoes is somewhere around $24.99, since I am a master shoe sale shopper (I double-dog dare you to try shoe sale shopping with me if you haven't already; my motto is "it's a marathon, not a sprint"). I also figure that, in the first month that I own any single pair of particularly-cute-but-not-necessarily-highly-practical shoes, I wear each pair on average two or three times, bringing the average cost per wear in the first month to somewhere around $10. So, in order to average the same cost per wear for my spiffy, wooden, lace-your-own sandals and make them "worth the investment," I needed to wear them 12 times between the day I got them (May 9) and a month from that date (June 9). Maybe the math and logic there is questionable...but they'll teach me math at Darden and logic at UVA Law, right? Anywho...

It's now May 27, and I've already worn the shoes 7 times. I posted the first two "lacing styles" earlier, and now I'll share the other ones I've worn.
As you can see, some are cuter than others. But remember also that these were just initial attempts. I'll keep you all posted on how the future "shoe styling" adventures go...


  1. Cute! I think I like photo #1 best.

  2. You failed to include the opportunity cost of not wearing other "particularly-cute-but-not-necessarily-highly-practical shoes."

    Just kidding... it makes sense to me and in my world, you never have to justify buying shoes or how much you spend on them!