Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's a small world after all (*cue song from ride at Disney World*)

Hi, delinquent blogger here. Yet again, I totally fell off the face of the blogosphere. Sorry 'bout that. But I'm back now! Quick update, with more details to be filled in later: I'm back in Boston this summer, working for Summer Firm #2 (to distinguish it from the Boston law firm I worked at last summer, Summer Firm #1) and otherwise engaging in Boston-related shenanigans.

Tonight, I was reminded of reason #1,485,423 that I love Darden:
I [semi-randomly*] decided to attend a Darden alumni "TNDC" event, where, among other cool Darden alumni, I met a woman who, during the several months after she graduated from Darden (circa 2003), worked with the same Charlottesville-based biotech start-up that I worked with during my first summer (circa 2010). This might sound like it's a non-event, but since this company has literally had zero full-time employees in its existence, what are the odds that I run into one of the only other people on the planet who has worked with this same company, in BOSTON, and we happen to start talking about our career paths (which are otherwise very different) and realize that we both had a short-term stint with this start-up? The Darden network is amazing in its ability to remind you (1) that it's a small world, and (2) you can go so many places with a Darden degreee, regardless of what you do during either your internship summer or right after graduation.

*credit for letting me know about this event at all goes to Julie