Tuesday, September 4, 2012

UVa Law & Business Transactional Clinic: Using My Law School Skills to Serve Darden Clients

Last spring, I was enrolled in the law school's Law & Business Transactional Clinic, through which 5 other law school students and I were matched with Darden students in the Summer 2012 Darden Business Incubator.  The Darden entrepreneurs (both first and second-year students) were looking to get their start-ups off the ground over the summer, and the law students (mostly 3Ls plus me) were responsible for helping the entrepreneurs identify potential legal issues and for providing basic, initial deliverables, such as entity formation documents, website terms and conditions of use, etc.  It was definitely one of the best courses I've taken at the law school, primarily because I love any practical course in which I feel like I'm actually learning a real skill or helping DO something! 

To learn more about the clinic (and to see some horrible YouTube video footage of me talking about it), check out the law school's news release

So long, summer

Although those of us at UVA didn't get to enjoy a long weekend for Labor Day (typical Darden joke about this: "It's because we're not labor; we're management"), for most of the rest of the country, yesterday marked the unofficial end of summer.  Before we get too far removed, I wanted to share some photos from one of my favorite activities this past summer, which I spent in Boston.

Each year, Revere Beach hosts a sand sculpting festival.  These sculptors aren't just making fancy sand castles, reminiscent of your youth.  Sand sculpting is something entirely different.  Take a look:

Each year, there's also a central "castle"-like sculpture in the center that's paid for by the sponsors of the event.  This year's commemorated the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park (GO RED SOX!!!). 

Want to know who won the competition?  Find out here.

While I was reminiscing, I realized I also had pictures from 2011's competition that I never posted, so here are those:

And the 2011 central "castle" with all the sponsor names:

So long, summer.  It's been fun!