Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Things I will NOT miss about Boston

First (and right now only) item on the list of things I'm excited to leave behind: The crappy, crappy weather we've had for the last month or so. Don't believe me? This is a reflection of the horrible month of June in Boston. Miserable graphic, but I think it says a lot.

I survived a year with something like 2 feet more snow than the average (which is already pretty close to 4 feet a year) in Boston, and other than the fact that all the shovelling made me slightly grumpy, it really wasn't THAT bad. Now, it's July, I haven't seen the sunlight in so long that I actually have a vitamin D deficiency (normal range is 30-100 ng/mL; my level is 25 ng/mL), and I'm pretty sure I'm on my way to a Seasonal Affective Disorder diagnosis.

Every time I log in to iGoogle and see the comparative weather between Boston and Charlottesville (e.g., 58 degrees and pouring vs. 80 degrees and sunny skies, respectively, for July 1, 2009), I can't wait until I move...

EDIT: Today (7/2) actually posted instructions on how to build an ark. You have got to be kidding


  1. Yes. People down here are complaining about the heat, but I don't care!

    (P.S. I got the job, will be moving to Alabama in October!)

  2. I totally here you... the weather in E-town sucks, too. Funny enough, I have another Boston friend on Facebook, and she complains about the weather on a daily basis!

  3. I lived in Boston for the past two years, and it was a nightmare, especially coming from CA before that, and AZ before that. Looks like I didn't learn my lesson, as my next stop is the windy city. Good luck in Charlottesville !

    Thanks for finding my blog.