Sunday, February 28, 2010


Since August, many of the the Second Years have said that Q3 marks a turning point in the first year. By that point, First Years have survived half of the mandatory curriculum, we've ostensibly hit our stride in terms of case preparation, and we allegedy have much more free time. Well, with Q3 classes over and exams starting tomorrow, I'd like to say this: we don't necessarily have more free time; we've just become better b-school multi-taskers. Consider the following evidence:

Yes, that would be my Darden classmates (and co-Section E'ers) at the UVa vs. Duke basketball game studying technical notes for our Decision Analysis exam tomorrow.  Wow.  There are no words...

...except maybe to say that this somehow represents an equilibrium point of sorts in the self-negotiation between fun and work.  It certainly isn't the Pareto Optimal solution. 

Those of my classmates who spent the evening studying (whether at the game or at home) will understand my lame joke.  To those of you who are coming to Darden next year, be warned that this is what stands ahead of you.  To the rest of you, I apologize. 


  1. Thanks for the warning.. I will be joining Darden in Aug 2010.. and your blog posts really give me a good picture of wats going on in ur lives and wats up in my life soon..

  2. Classic! :) I guess you make do.