Monday, March 8, 2010

Barcelona - update during Day 2

Allegedly, it never (or practically never) snows in Barcelona. Well, today it is snowing. Apparently, my memo to Winter either got delayed in Frankfurt (like one of my GBE-mate's flight here) or lost in the translation to Catalan.

Although there have been some "this is why I didn't bid on the Stockholm GBE" rumblings, I think most, if not all, of us are enjoying the trip so far. We've spent 2-3 hours in class each day discussing design and the applicability of design concepts to business strategy, and then during the afternoon yesterday we visited 2 sites designed by architect Antoni Gaudi, Colonia Guell and Park Guell. (Pictures will follow later when I get home and can connect my camera to my laptop.) This afternoon we will be seeing a few more Gaudi sites, including the Sagrada Familia. Each evening we've been heading out in groups for tapas, paella, and sangria, though I opted for an early bedtime last night to finally beat the jet lag.

We just finished lunch at IESE (where we've been using classroom space), and now it is time to catch the bus. Stay tuned for more updates from Barcelona!

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